Who Sang The Ascension? Manowar

Manowar Gods of War cover art
release date: 2007-2-26
genres: Rock
styles: Power Metal
length: 2:31
producer: Manowar and Joey DeMaio
mixer: Ronald Prent
engineer: Joey DeMaio
recording engineer: Manowar
composer: Joey DeMaio
lyricist: Joey DeMaio
Did sire a Son

He was baptised
By Fire, Water, Earth and Sky

From Darkness
He rose up in Triumph
To Ascend the Throne of Light

And he alone
Shall Forever be Known
As the King of Kings

I Enter this World
Born under a Sign
Of infinite Light
And here I shall Dwell
I now Understand
All that I am
Shall live in Thy command

CD 1
  • 1 Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
  • 2 The Ascension
  • 3 King of Kings
  • 4 Army of the Dead, Part I
  • 5 Sleipnir
  • 6 Loki God of Fire
  • 7 Blood Brothers
  • 8 Overture to Odin
  • 9 The Blood of Odin
  • 10 Sons of Odin
  • 11 Glory Majesty Unity
  • 12 Gods of War
  • 13 Army of the Dead, Part II
  • 14 Odin
  • 15 Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
  • 16 Die for Metal
    DVD-Video 2
  • 1 Interviews
  • 2 MC Guitars / The Photography of Guido Karp
  • 3 Weapons of the Immortals
  • 4 Building the Gods of War Chopper