Who Sang Enlightened? Marillion

Marillion marillion.com cover art
writers: Ian Francesko Mosley, Mark Colbert Kelly, Peter John Trewavas, Steve Hogarth, Steven Thomas Rothery
release date: 1999-10-18
genres: Rock
styles: Prog Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 5:02
producer: Marillion
mixer: Steven Wilson
recording engineer: Stewart Every
additional producer: Steven Wilson
bass: Pete Trewavas
guitar: Steve Rothery
keyboard: Mark Kelly
membranophone: Ian Mosley
percussion: Ian Mosley
vocal: Steve Hogarth
composer: Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas, Steve Rothery, Ian Mosley, Steve Hogarth
lyricist: Steve Hogarth
Bound up in this energy ball again
Laughing and bouncin' off the magic
Rollin' under like a surfboard in a wave
Washin' me up ...I want to do it again

Entwined in her arms
Spinning around and submarine beneath the deep of her
Climbing the forks of the lightning
Building a rod for my back it's all right, it's all right

Dreamin' a dream that only the sleepless know
Chilling the afternoon in "Viva Vida"
Watchin' the sun slide down the avenue
So real...

I feel...
Dizzy to fever with this love
The blues and the greys are waved away inside a day with her
Riding the forks of the lightning
Feeling the sparks along my back it's all right, it's all right

I thought I was born to take and to damage
But I'm giving and healing and feeling
Ultramarine and ultra-serene
Climbing the forks of the lightning
She told me today it'll be okay it's all right, it's all right

I'm a submarine in this ocean

CD 1
  • 1 A Legacy
  • 2 Deserve
  • 3 Go!
  • 4 Rich
  • 5 Enlightened
  • 6 Built-in Bastard Radar
  • 7 Tumble Down the Years
  • 8 Interior Lulu
  • 9 House