Who Sang Get to Know You Better? Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige Share My World cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Bryce P. Wilson, Darryl Brown, La Tonya Blige Da Costa, Mary J. Blige, Michelle Lisath
release date: 1997-4-22
genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
styles: RnB/Swing/Ballad
length: 4:33
producer: Bryce "Luvah" Wilson
lead vocals: Mary J. Blige
mixer: Angela Piva and Tony Maserati
recording engineer: Tony Maserati and Angela Piva
bass: Darryl Brown
guitar: Mike Campbell and Abdul Zuhri
keyboard: Bryce "Luvah" Wilson
assistant engineer: Greg Thompson
Why do we go through things unnecessary
Why can't we understand that our love is the key
We can solve any problem if we only were meek
But you won't take the time to try and understand me
Our Love

Our love will grow much stronger
(grow much stronger)
Our love will last much longer (last)
If we would take the time out
To find out what love is all about

That's why I'm saying

I want to get to know you better (only if you let me)
Only if you let me
Love will grow much faster
Happy ever after
That is what I'm after
I just want to be with you, you

I do not understand why we can't make it
But I will tell you one thing
I'm not trying to fake it
You can stay if you want to
Cause my love is the same
I will not disappoint you
And I won't be the blame
Our love


That is why I'm sayin'


La la la la la la (la la la la la la la)
La la la la la la (whoa la)
La la la la la la (la la la)
La la la la la la (la la)

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 I Can Love You
  • 3 Love Is All We Need
  • 4 Round and Round
  • 5 Share My World (interlude)
  • 6 Share My World
  • 7 Seven Days
  • 8 It's On
  • 9 Thank You Lord (interlude)
  • 10 Missing You
  • 11 Everything
  • 12 Keep Your Head
  • 13 Can't Get You Off My Mind
  • 14 Get to Know You Better
  • 15 Searching
  • 16 Our Love
  • 17 Not Gon' Cry