Mason Jennings - Isabel Lyrics

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Our book must have been bought used
'cause it was missing all the late chapters
They were gone with the liberty that everybody loves to abuse
And i'm not ready to never feel good again
Mistakes were made by you as well, as well
I will come by road, i will come by rail
To come by isabel
Demons, my demons
Always behind me
Everywhere i go they come along
And demons, my demons
Always remind me
They keep singing my favorite song
And i keep sliding all around
All my vices are gone that held me so well, so well
I will come by control of the things you don't tell
To come by isabel
Early in the morning i lay awake in my bed
Wondering when the day will show a trace
Well it always comes like a prison guard
Looking in my cell
Shining his flashlight in my face
He always says "hey boy,
Where do you think you're going"
There's only one place i can tell, i can tell
I come flat broke, i will come by hell
To come by isabel
I will come by control of the things you don't tell
To come by my isabel

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Hospitals and Jails
  • 2 Isabel
  • 3 Lilacs
  • 4 Simple Life
  • 5 Summer Dress
  • 6 Little Details
  • 7 Isabella, Part II
  • 8 In My Grave
  • 9 Family Tree
  • 10 Ain't Gonna Die
  • 11 Amphetamine Girl
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