Anything Goes Lyrics - Master P

Master P Good Side/Bad Side cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, J. ALBERT & SON(INTERNATIONAL) PTY. LTD.
writers: Austin
release date: 2004-3-23
Oh yeah

this dope **** done got a lot of my *****s

taken out the game

And to my brother Kevin Miller rest in peace fool

Verse 1

Growing up in the Calliope New Orleans to be exact g

I had to pack a gat I thought somebody was out to kill me

I'm paranoid I toss and turn in my sleep g

My best friend done turned into my **********ing enemy

19 years old gold fronts and a mean mug

I hooked up with my little cousin Jimmy

learned to slang drugs

A lot of **** done changed in my ****ing neighborhood

This fast cash got the P living no good

I'm deep up in this **** and ain't no turning back

Me and my cousin ?? say I got him for a ****ing sack

I told him check his *****, but he didn't here me though

He didn't believe that his ***** was out smoking dope

Now I gotta stand on my own 2

I came in this world by myself

that's the way I'm gone die fool

One year later and my cousin doing life on a case

I moved to Richmond California just to ****ing get away

Bumped into my partner King from New Orleans

He couldn't find a job and I'm back to slanging amphetamines

And everything was cool for a ****ing while g

Til I went to this club and this fool tried me

We in the back with some *****es counting hundreds

Til these suckers walked up and said jack

these *****s from the country

We didn't have no gats, I had to make a g move

Connects and head butting, that's how I did this fool

King G hit this boy with a upper cut

30 days in the county, but we didn't give a ****


Anything goes

Life's a trip, but that's how the game goes

Hood riding, homicide 4 deep with them gats cocked

Ready to put some fools on they back

1, 2, 3 a ***** slanging keys

but why you have to mess with P

Hood riding, homicide 4 deep with them gats cocked

Ready to put some fools on they biggety back

Verse 2

Released from the county on a PO

The only way to get back on my feet is slang that diggety dope

Hooked up with my partner, my cutty mac

Two days later I'm back rolling **********ing black

Lexus coup with a droptop Benz

And in the glove compartment you'll find about 33,000 ends

I ain't tripping cause the game get deep though

Got a phone call, couldn't sleep bro

They say my little brother died back in New Orleans

Pop pop boom and it killed him, here him scream

But I ain't tripping cause mama still here a cry

In Richmond one day the P is gonna die

And if I do I guess I'm going out like a g though

Like the movie on the **********ing Untouchables

So when I go out, I know I'm ****ing living wrong

They betta take me out like ****ing Al Capone

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