MC Frontalot - I Heart Fags Lyrics

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I love fags because I am a san franciscan if you're dissing on my homos then this censure's what you're risking (I'm insisting on containing my temper but listen up): you shouldn't ought to be intolerant about who queers like to fuck! fags are great, they've got hundreds of uses you can see them on TV explaining what puce is abstruse is the world but very simple is the homo he or she is anyone who's keen to do another one more so than the opposite, follow? fags are great 'cause almost every single one swallows or so I'm led to believe, lesbians also I've heard of, not to mention non-gender-identified spivaks seeking nerd love, and I've spurned just about everything there is cause I was born here, and here's where I live here i give you this advice, love a fag today either up close and personally, or from far away see fags are gay, and gay's a good adjective it means like happy and high, but you had to just shy me away from the topic of my fag-love something maybe that you're lacking in? don't get mad just c
ause you don't have such a big heart as frontalot you could love fags too, you already think dykes are hot why not come on down to the street fair, (there's) asses in chaps plus rough trade to meet there, some of whom been barebacking it in back alleys for years yo I promise if you visit you could meet some queers and if you love even just one, hooray if you don't, well I hope you enjoyed your stay and I hope you go on your merry way with the chorus of my song slowly turning you gay and you don't love fags, this much is apparent you're having nightmares about them every time you get your hair cut you stare what you suspect could be a queer man in the eye, in the mirror, enzymes coming out your fear gland he's got scissors near your eardrums you might lose your hearing you don't watch it with these queer ones and here comes your presidential cheerleader now so disturbed by the marriages in my home town that he's got to take the tip top law in the land down scribble on it: "I hate homos, big bad frown.&q
uot; put it back up, be like "what? it's better! y'all were with me a second ago when I said that marriage was threatened and it was! under siege by these villains can you believe they wanted to gang up and have children? there would be an army of them, teeming and thronging tempting every American to give in to forbidden longing i thought they couldn't reproduce, that was their weakness! now what are we gonna do? they're gonna seek just treatment under the law, dammit that's like saying it's okay to be gay! or a lesbian! hey man, you can not say that. society would crumble and fall apart." i'll think about that on the BART gladdening every inch of the ride to be on the way to the where I reside not just a place where I keep my stuff but the spot got plenty of the kind of person that I love

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Charity Case
  • 2 Goth Girls
  • 3 Pr0n S0ng
  • 4 Yellow Lasers
  • 5 This Old Man
  • 6 Nerdcore Rising
  • 7 Which MC Was That?
  • 8 Penny Arcade Theme
  • 9 Floating Bridge
  • 10 Hassle: The Dorkening
  • 11 Crime Spree
  • 12 Special Delivery (Mission Accomplished remix)
  • 13 Message No. 419
  • 14 I Heart Fags
  • 15 Braggadocio
  • 16 Indier Than Thou