McFly - Met This Girl 歌詞

Well I met this girl
Just the other day
Hope I don't regret
The things I said now
When we're laughin' and jokin' with each other now

Glad I met this girl
She didn't walk away
I think she was impressed
Was havin' a good time
When we're laugin', jokin' with each other
Spending all our time together

When she walks in the room my heart goes boom
When she walks in the room my heart goes boom
I tried to take her home but she said â??you're no good for me'

She got a pretty face
Such a lovely name
I don't want my friends to see
They might take her a way from me
She's one I won't forget
For a long, long, long time
Now I really want the world to see
That she is the one for me


First time that I saw her she stole my heart
And if we were together nothing would tear us apart

[Chorus: x2]

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