Who Sang Cobbler? Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets No Joke! cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Christopher Reustrom Kirkwood
release date: 1995-10-3
length: 3:26
producer: Paul Leary and Meat Puppets
mixer: Chris Shaw
engineer: Chris Shaw
More and more I find
I thought I lost what I left behind
On and on it goes
Through the door and away it goes

So I'll find myself a new pair of shoes
Make myself a new pair of shoes

Up and down my spine
Feeling broken and now I find
That's the way it's been
My bottom teeth are made of tin

Find myself a new pair of shoes
Make myself a new pair of shoes
Grow myself
Steal myself
Make myself a new pair of shoes

Down and out of time
Slipping underneath the slime
Out the monkey hole
Pay for things I thought I stole

Can you tell my the way it oughta feel
When I'm walking down the road
And I'm looking for a deal
Can you tell 'bout the way I better go
When the sun is coming up
And my shadow starts to show

Hiding out in a cave up in the hills
With a rabbit and a rooster
And some elevating pills
See me round every Monday afternoon
With eleven dog eared doughnuts
And a giant pink baboon

More and more I find
There's not a lot that I left behind
On the lawn it grows
Find the wind and the way it blows

CD 1
  • 1 Scum
  • 2 Nothing
  • 3 Head
  • 4 Taste of the Sun
  • 5 Vampires
  • 6 Predator
  • 7 Poison Arrow
  • 8 Eyeball
  • 9 For Free
  • 10 Cobbler
  • 11 Inflatable
  • 12 Sweet Ammonia
  • 13 Chemical Garden