Merle Haggard - Life in Prison Lyrics

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(Merle Haggard)
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The jury found the verdict first degree
They swore I planned her death to be
I prayed they sentence me to die
But they wanted me to live and I know why
So I do life in prison for the wrongs I've done
And I pray every night for death to come
My life will be a burden every day
If I could die my pain might go away
Insane with rage I took my darling's life
Because I loved her more than life
My dreams for her will last a long long time
But I'd rather die than live to lose my mind
But I've got life in prison...
If I could die my pain might go away

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I'm a Lonesome Fugitive
  • 2 All of Me Belongs to You
  • 3 House of Memories
  • 4 Life in Prison
  • 5 Whatever Happened to Me
  • 6 Drink Up and Be Somebody
  • 7 Someone Told My Story
  • 8 If You Want to Be My Woman
  • 9 Mary's Mine
  • 10 Skid Row
  • 11 My Rough and Rowdy Ways
  • 12 Mixed Up Mess of a Heart