Merle Haggard - Mississippi Delta Blues 歌詞

With friends around and even pals that I know are true
Still I'm lonely homesick and blue
There's no one who can cheer me when I'm alone
Longing for my Mississippi home
Way down on the delta on that Mississippi shore
In that muddy water I long to be once more
When that shadows creep about and the whippoorwill call
You can hear old mommy shout come in here you all
Way down on the levee strolling in the pale moon light
You can see those steamboats and fields of snowy white
That's a feeling I can't lose muddy water in my shoes
When I get those Mississippi Delta blues (yodel)
[ dixieland ]
I long to hear them singing songs them old melodies
Swanee River and Ol' Black Joe
That sweet magnolia perfume floating on the breeze
Way down south is where I long to go
Hey way down on the delta...

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