What's the Dillio? Lyrics - Mest

Mest Wasting Time cover art
writers: Anthony Lovato
release date: 2000-7-18
genres: Rock
styles: Pop Punk
length: 3:17
There this little girl and i think shes so fine
and i'm not giving up until she is mine
see i wanna be her boy and i want her to be my girl because
since i've met her i been in another world
(Pre Chorus)
She was just my friend and now i want more
theres something special to her she's not just another whore
i said
Whats the DDD Dillio Dillio
Whats the DDD Deal Deal . . . (8X)
See everybody else has gotten involved
and thats not the way this should have evolved
I should of just told you how i felt but when i'm around you my words just melt
(Pre Chorus)
(Chorus) . . . (2X

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