MF Grimm - American Hunger (Breakfast) Lyrics

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Trapped in the belly of the beast
[Verse 1:]
Trying to get regurgitated cause I am the feast
For hundreds of years and infinite tears
With no remorse, they took us all to war
I was told "you're a sinner"
To become a winner
Then you must put faith in the Lord
I do not choose to lead you astray
But for me bread don't help no more
Over here we eat our young
American Hunger
Vegetarians are bloodthirsty
American Hun-
Oh no
Trapped in the belly of the beast
And it's a fight to get released
[Verse 2:]
Damn, it's hard being black in America
We're under attack in America
In the belly causing gas to America
Start shit, come out the ass of America
They don't want us here
They hunt us here
Lynch mobs kick in our doors
They torture us as our women and our children watch in awe
2008, not just black anymore
New objective, target poor
Those who resist, raise up a fist
Yes blood must be spilt on floor
Down they gun us
Overrun us
Anything to have control
And on judgment day, when all pay
May God have mercy on their souls
In the media we're portrayed evil
Constantly get dissed
We're not wanted here
An orphan raised just like Oliver Twist
You had rations, you want lashings?
Leave, you're getting on my nerves
Stomach growling, I'm still hungry
May I please have some more sir?
Spoon fed genocide they feed me
American Hunger
Proper etiquette, they choose the needy
American Hun-
Oh no
Trapped in the belly of the beast
And it's a fight to get released
[Verse 3:]
I'm trying not to lose my mind
Financial concussions peruse my mind
Kept in dark
The beast wanna crush me if I shine
Food for thought
Starve, everything's fine
They'll let you burn
When you gonna learn
We don't trust you, you're a threat
They will make it look gang related when they want to leave you wet
Want us all to fall
They hate our guts
We don't deserve to live
Drain us of our souls
Hearts are cold
We have no more to give
Misery really loves company
We're living under stress
These animals are cannibals
Drink my blood and eat my flesh
They stole me, now a slave they sold me
American Hunger
Serpent lurking victims swallowed whole
American Hun-
Oh no
Trapped in the belly of the beast

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