Who Sang Venus? Mina

MiNa Sì, buana cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Mark Younger-Smith, Billy Idol
release date: 1986
length: 3:54
Hey, Venus, oh, Venus
Hey, Venus, oh, Venus
Venus, if you will
Please send a little girl for me to thrill
A girl who wants my kisses and my arms
A girl with all the charms of you

Venus, make her fair
A lovely girl with sunlight in her hair
And take the brightest stars up in the skies
And place them in her eyes for me

Venus, goddess of love that you are
Surely the things I ask
Can't be too great a task

Venus, if you do
I promise that I always will be true
I'll give her all the love I have to give
As long as we both shall live

Hey, Venus, oh, Venus
Make my wish come true

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Che male fa
  • 3 Ancora
  • 4 Questo piccolo grande amore
  • 5 Grease
  • 6 E tu come stai?
  • 7 Venus
  • 8 Buonasera dottore
  • 9 Io, domani
  • 10 Azzurro
    12" Vinyl 2
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  • 2 Via di qua
  • 3 Semplicemente tua
  • 4 Sotto il sole dell'Avana
  • 5 Ritratto in bianco e nero
  • 6 Cosa manca
  • 7 Domande
  • 8 L'altra metà di me
  • 9 Ogni tanto è bello stare soli
  • 10 Pomeriggio sonnolento
  • 11 Secondo me