Who Sang She's Got a Cause? Ministry

Ministry With Sympathy cover art
writers: Al Jourgensen
release date: 1983-9
genres: Electronic Rock Funk / Soul
styles: New Wave/Electro/Synth-pop/Funk
length: 3:34
producer: Vince Ely and Ian Taylor
vocal: Al Jourgensen
percussion & membranophone: Stephen George
keyboard: Al Jourgensen, Robert Roberts and John Davis
composer: Al Jourgensen
she looked round and around
forever searching
incessant drudgery
but she had that someone wrapped up in a box
sticking pins and needles through the tiny cracks

she had someone she owned
and it's hard to confess
i was that someone
and she could care less

she's got (she's got)
a cause (she thinks she has)
a cause


least i have my address
in her stranglehold
lived my life around her
and i lived my life as i was told
had me coming and going and coming and going like a toy
turned me from a man into a sniveling little boy

she's got (she's got)
a cause (she thinks she has)

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Effigy (I'm Not An)
  • 2 Revenge
  • 3 I Wanted to Tell Her
  • 4 Work for Love
  • 5 Here We Go
  • 6 What He Say
  • 7 Say You're Sorry
  • 8 Should Have Known Better
  • 9 She's Got a Cause