Work for Love Lyrics - Ministry

Ministry With Sympathy cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Andreas Koschmieder, Salomon Brenke, Anton Eldridge
release date: 1983-9
genres: Electronic Rock Funk / Soul
styles: New Wave/Electro/Synth-pop/Funk
length: 4:47
producer: Vince Ely and Ian Taylor
vocal: Antonia de Portago, Marybeth O'Hara and Al Jourgensen
guitar: Al Jourgensen
membranophone & percussion: Stephen George
keyboard: John Davis
keyboard & guitar family: Al Jourgensen
percussion & keyboard: Vince Ely
keyboard & bass guitar: Robert Roberts
composer: Al Jourgensen
You said you needed full time help
'cause you're all alone
I said I'd work for nothing at all
If I just could take you home
And now you're taking applications
For your love
You wanted certain specifications
I circled the one that said all the above
Work... for love
Finally got my resume
And you said you'd reviewed it some other day
I said, 'girl, hey, do it if you dare
Where I'd like to go our love will flare'
Finally my letter arrived
And I knew you would be mine
Instead I had to prove my turf
For the first two weeks work overtime
Work... for love
You've got to work
You've got to work for love

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