Moby - Heavy Flow Lyrics

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I want to break you down slow 'cause you know I never understand
How this ****ed up life makes sweat into blood and hands
When I see it, I can't wait it, got to hold on now
I need it, can't stop, you know I'm gonna let my bubble blow
Never baby takes near I hope they're getting better with life
I felt it, I heard your better than me get much worse
We film it, we may hurt well something, made it work, I need it, can't wait
You know I'm gonna let my bubble blow
The way you touch me babe you know it makes me whole
When you're ****ing me it powers up my soul
I know it's ok I know I feel like a
I want to break you down and make you cum
Let go!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Now I Let It Go
  • 2 Come on Baby
  • 3 Someone to Love
  • 4 Heavy Flow
  • 5 You
  • 6 My Love Will Never Die
  • 7 Soft
  • 8 Say It's All Mine
  • 9 That's When I Reach for My Revolver
  • 10 Face It
  • 11 Living
  • 12 Love Song for My Mom