Even If... Lyrics - Mojofly

Mojofly Now cover art
release date: 2005
length: 3:19

I was just wondering what youre doing
Its been a while since ive seen you
Another day gone by without you
Another day of feeling low
I never thought itd be this way
My image of you changed my world
But I want you to know
Im not looking for a one night stand
Dance with me come closer
Ill be the best you've ever had
Cause ive been trying for so long
To tell you
Youre the only for me
Just say the word and I will be there
Even if you wont be comin around
I know Im not a saint
But the things you heard about me
You know theyre not true
I think about you everyday
My intentions are clean
Maybe Im such a dreamer
But I know I can do this right
With you theres no tommorrow

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