Mungo Jerry - Hey Rosalyn Lyrics

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Hey Rosalyn, hey Rosalyn,
Woman with the beautiful eyes,I don't have to hear your lies,
You're going with another man, I saw you late last night,
He ain't no music man,
I can't stop crying, you've gone and left me all alone

Hey Rosalyn, hey Rosalyn,
Why did you have to go and leave the travelling show?
And go with the bearded man, whose house is full of gold,
Now I have to sing on my own,
Rosalyn I need you, I just wanted you to know

Hey Rosalyn, hey Rosalyn,
My eyes are set in deep, at night I cannot sleep,
I sit down on the rocks, you're lucky charm I keep,
Watching the sun going down,
Wishing I could hold you, run my fingers through your hair

Hey Rosalyn, hey Rosalyn,
I cry for the girl whose gone, but I must carry on
Playing in the travelling show, singing the sad sad songs,
I'm just a music man,
Hoping that I'll find her, before my body gets too old

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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