Who Sang Intro? N-Dubz

N-Dubz Uncle B cover art
publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., O/B/O APRA AMCOS, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Patrick Jordan-Patrikios, Tula Contostavlos
release date: 2008-11-17
genres: Hip Hop
styles: RnB/Swing/Gangsta/Pop Rap
length: 0:40

[Dappy:] I dedicate this debut album to one man only, till this day I remember everything he showed me, I nearly come off the rails, if it wasent for you id be dead or in jail, I dedicate this album to him, hes the reason we did a N-dubz,
[Fazer:] Skin,
[Dappy:] HUH, see the thing is we all started off,
[Fazer:] flow,
[Dippy:] So now you see why we have to call this uncle B,
[Fazer:] He's the one why we made this,
[Dippy:] Check him,
[Fazer:] but chu better but chu time,
[Dippy:] You better put the time,
[Fazer:] 8 years,
[Dippy:] 8 years,
[Fazer:] Skin,
[Dippy:] Skin,
[Fazer:] Broke
[Dippy:] Broke
[Fazer:] The money,
[Dippy:] The moneys,
[Fazer:] Do this for nothing, you know what really get me, its freezing out there, Now the phone is put,
[Dippy:] Is changing,
[Fazer:] The phone is put is painless, some seriose peaple online,
[Dippy:] I thankyou
[Fazer:] You know goes to show you, where theres a will, theres a way, and you know, order and out, BLA BLA

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Wouldn't You
  • 3 Strong Again
  • 4 Don't Get Nine
  • 5 I Swear
  • 6 Ouch
  • 7 Ndubz Vs Naa
  • 8 Public Transport (skit)
  • 9 Love for My Slum
  • 10 Better Not Waste My Time
  • 11 Work Work
  • 12 Feva Las Vegas
  • 13 Defeat You
  • 14 Sex
  • 15 Secrets
  • 16 Papa Can You Hear Me?
  • 17 Outro