Who Sang Pestkrieg? Nachtfalke

release date: 2002
genres: Rock
styles: Black Metal/Viking Metal
length: 7:06
For blood and honour we fight
In hundreds of battles we stand
Mjolnir the hammer is on our side
Swing our swords and raise our hands

When Hel comes to earth
Goddess of suffer and dead
She will open the gates
Unleash the underworld

Triumph or death - Pestkrieg!
War in northland - Pestkrieg!
Triumph or death - Pestkrieg!
Death of the Gods - Pestkrieg!

Cross the river of death
We stand and fight till we die
On ancient shores of all evil
We raise again our swords

  • 1 Valhall
  • 2 Pestkrieg
  • 3 One Home of Once Brave
  • 4 Fallen Heroes
  • 5 Einherjer (Doomed to Die)