Who Sang Into the Black? Naglfar

Naglfar Harvest cover art

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release date: 2007-2-26
genres: Rock
styles: Black Metal
length: 4:34
I’m dying from within
Is this the end of the road that I’ve travelled in sin?
Many are the times when I shed my skin
But I can’t escape this battle, this one I can never win

You follow my commandments, but do you read between the lines?
I’m trapped in a pit where no light ever shines
In solitude my prayers came trough
I damn myself – this is me teaching you

Watch me, see how I suffer and die
Death is my shadow, this is my goodbye
Don’t want to live no more, life is a lie
So I hurt myself, watch my veins run dry

I’m trapped in this inner hell
I once chose to fall and I fell
Hiding from the world alone in my shell
I think people know what I don’t dare to tell

Hear my screams, this agonizing cries
I’m standing right in front of you, you watch as I die
I hate myself, and I hate most of you too
I spit at the mirror, reaper now lead me trough

[Repeat Chorus x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Into the Black
  • 2 Breathe Through Me
  • 3 The Mirrors of My Soul
  • 4 Odium generis humani
  • 5 The Darkest Road
  • 6 Way of the Rope
  • 7 Plutonium Reveries
  • 8 Feeding Moloch
  • 9 Harvest
    DVD 2
  • 1 Spoken Worlds of Venom (Live)
  • 2 The Perpetual Horrors (Live)
  • 3 Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice (Live)
  • 4 A Swarm of Plagues (Live)
  • 5 Interview with Kristoffer Olivius
  • 6 The Perpetual Horrors (Promo Video)