Natalie Grant - At Your Feet Lyrics

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She brought You oil, the purest gift she had
You washed her soul with her tears
Though more than a thousand years have passed
I still weep at how much that woman's just like me
And how much I want to be
At Your feet
Where I feel Your Spirit cover me
And the darkest of my sins, they are forgiven
What would You ask of me, I'd give up everything
Just so I can be at Your feet
I know one day I will open up my eyes
To the wonders of Heaven foretold
And I'll see that glorious mansion on high
But, I'll be content just to see Your face
If I can just find my place

Track Listing
  • 1 Heavenly
  • 2 We Are All the Same
  • 3 I Am Not Alone
  • 4 The Way It Is With Love
  • 5 When You Walked Into My Life
  • 6 There Is a God
  • 7 Waiting for a Prayer
  • 8 One Child
  • 9 Crosses and Crowns
  • 10 At Your Feet

  • Album Information
    script: Latin