Nazareth - Gimme What's Mine 歌詞

Well only you know what your thinkin'
Come on say what's on your mind
Tell me one way or the other
I ain't got much time
Gimme what's mine, gimme what's mine

Well I don't want you to be wastin'
All my lovin' or my time
So I got to know the story
I know we can be so fine
Please gimme what's mine, gimme what's mine

How can I get through to you woman
I think your lovin' is fine
Only want what's given
Only give you what's mine

Yeah sometimes when I see you
I'm scared to state my case
Got to take my chances
Will you leave or will you stay?
Got to know the way, got to know the way

I'm so tired of waitin'
Somethin' that I got to know
If there's one chance that you love me
Then we got to let it grow
We got to let it grow, we got to let it grow

I just got to get through to you woman
I want your lovin' so bad
I'll take all that you give me
I'll give you all that's mine.

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