Neil Diamond - One More Bite of the Apple Lyrics

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Been away from you for much too long
Been away but now I'm back where I belong
Believed while I was gone away
But I do just fine
But I couldn't get the music of my mind
And I couldn't leave the needing you behind

Read the word from the page
Free the bird from the cage
Just go out there and face
What you did, before
Did it once
You can do it once more

[Chorus: ]
Coming back for one more bite of the apple
Tastes as sweet
It's the nectar of life
And you know that it's right
'Cause you know you're not out there alone
And that one more bite of the apple is all
You gonna need to bring it home

I couldn't count the chances that I've lost
Couldn't count the chances or the cost
But I can't help thinking about the days
Of way back when
And I know I wanna taste them once again
Yes I know I wanna taste them once again

Got some things to be said
Going round in my head
Time to get out of bed
'Cause I've slept too long
And I know there's a place I belong

[Chorus: ]

Was a time that I won't ever forget
They were times that I will never regret
I've been thinking about those days
Since way back when
And thinking I could bring back again
Just maybe I could bring them back again

One more dance in the night
One more chance to get it right
One more grab at the brass ring that's flying by
One more toast to the mud in your eye

[Chorus: ]

I'll be back
And sitting up high on the saddle
All I want
Is to do it once more
Let me get through that door
'Cause I still do believe that I can
Want that one more bite of the apple
And just a chance to taste it, once again

Been around the world a time or two
Everywhere I've been I thought of me and you
I was hoping you'd remember how it used to be
And maybe that you'd still remember me
And that apple just as sweet as it could be
Reach right up and pick one of that apple tree

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