Who Sang Ever After? Neil Young

Neil Young Chrome Dreams II cover art
release date: 2007-10-19
genres: Rock Folk, World, & Country
styles: Rock & Roll/Hard Rock
length: 3:35
producer: The Volume Dealers
mixer: Niko Bolas
recording engineer: Niko Bolas
writer: Neil Young

When you hear that rooster crowing
In the dawn, in the dawn
There's really no way of knowing
What goes on, what goes on

The world is full of questions
Some are answered, some are not
The only faith you're keepin'
Is the faith that you still got

I love the sound of laughter
And music in the air
And in the Ever After
I know it's always there

A man had many boxes
And he liked them quite a lot
But they would not be opened
'Cause the value would be shot

Sometimes when I go walkin'
In the trees, in the trees
That's where I do my prayin'
In the trees, in the trees

The world is full of answers
Some are right, some are wrong
The one that I believe in is a wish in a song

I love to see you smilin'
And hear your voice so fair
And in the Ever After
I know you're always there

CD 1
  • 1 Beautiful Bluebird
  • 2 Boxcar
  • 3 Ordinary People
  • 4 Shining Light
  • 5 The Believer
  • 6 Spirit Road
  • 7 Dirty Old Man
  • 8 Ever After
  • 9 No Hidden Path
  • 10 The Way