Who Sang No Wonder? Neil Young

Neil Young Prairie Wind cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: David Jost, Marcus Meyersieck, Jochen Naaf
release date: 2005-9-27
genres: Rock
styles: Folk Rock/Country Rock
length: 5:46
producer: Neil Young and Ben Keith
membranophone: Karl T. Himmel
vocal: Diana DeWitt, Pegi Young, Anthony Crawford, Gary Pigg and Curtis Wright
mixer: Rob Clark and Chad Hailey
recording engineer: Chad Hailey and Rob Clark
guest: Emmylou Harris
percussion: Chad Cromwell
fiddle: Clinton Gregory
choir vocals: Brandon Colvin, Christan Riley, Dorian Chism, Terrance Pogue, Kawana Williams, Jeremy Kelsey, Hayley Reed and Wesley Trigg
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
Dipping and bobbing in the sun
Could she be the one I saw so long ago
Could she be the one to take me home

This pasture is green
I'm walking in the sun
It's turning brown
I'm standing in the rain
My overcoat is worn
The pockets are all torn
I'm moving away from the pain

The clock on the wall
No wonder we're losing time
Ring, ring
The old church bell
The bride and her love
Seeking guidance from above

Amber waves of grain bow in the prairie wind
I'm hearing Willie singing on the radio again
That song from 9/11 keeps ringing in my head
I'll always remember something Chris Rock said

Don't send no more candles
No matter what you do
Then Willie stopped singing
And the prairie wind blew
The green kept rolling on
For miles and miles
Fields of fuel rolling on for miles

The clock on the wall
No wonder we're losing time
Toll, toll
The fallen soldier bell
The old church on the hill
Still standing when so many fell

Back when I was young, the birds blocked out the sun
Before the great migration south
We only shot a few
They last the winter through
Mother cooked them good and served them up

Somewhere a senator sits in a leather chair
Behind a big wooden desk
The caribou we killed mean nothing to him
He took his money just like all the rest

The clock on the wall
No wonder we're losing time
Ring, ring
Ring the wedding bells
The bride takes the ring
And the happy people sing

  • 1 The Painter
  • 2 No Wonder
  • 3 Falling Off the Face of the Earth
  • 4 Far From Home
  • 5 It's a Dream
  • 6 Prairie Wind
  • 7 Here for You
  • 8 This Old Guitar
  • 9 He Was the King
  • 10 When God Made Me