Who Sang Union Man? Neil Young

Neil Young Hawks & Doves cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Tim Bergling
release date: 1980-11-3
length: 2:13
producer: Neil Young, Tim Mulligan and David Briggs
membranophone: Greg Thomas
piano: Neil Young
lead vocals: Neil Young
bass: Dennis Belfield
background vocals: Ben Keith and Hillary O'Brien
guitar: Neil Young
harmonica: Neil Young
fiddle: Rufus Thibodeaux
dobro: Ben Keith
pedal steel guitar: Ben Keith
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
I'm proud to a union man
I make those meetings when I can, yeah
I pay my dues ahead of time
When the benefits come
I'm last in line, yeah.
I'm proud to be a union man.
Every fourth Friday at 10 am
There's a local meeting
of the A F of M, yeah!
This meeting will now come to order
Is there any new business?
Yeah, I think 'Live music are better'
Bumper stickers should be issued.
What was that?
'Live music is better' bumper stickers
Should be issued
The gentleman says
'Live music is better' bumper stickers
Should be issued
All in favor of what he said
Signify by sayin' "ay"
If, however, you are opposed
Signify by saying "no".
I'm proud to be a union man.

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