Who Sang Bloodtide? Nekromantix

release date: 1989
genres: Rock
styles: Psychobilly
length: 3:50

See those women lying in a twisted pile of blood and bone
See those spirits flying by and everything is good
Take a walk on a beach of mine, enjoy the setting sun
Seems like everything around, you know there's something wrong

It's bloodtide, don't dare to wash your hands
You know it's blood, bloodtide

There's something beneath the waves, it slowly moves around
Everybody for themselves, it washes up on the ground
Gore and violence, smell of death, slowly walk away
When the ocean turns to red, there's nothing left to say

Winter from the blackest ghoul, gaping jaws everyday
Prisoner of the ocean, it's all that I can say
Join us for just one night, light a candle of pain
The seven seas are good to find, but this one is insane

CD 1
  • 1 Nekromantix
  • 2 Hellbound
  • 3 Nightmare
  • 4 Spiders Attacking Manhattan
  • 5 Brain Error
  • 6 Graveyard in Your Memory
  • 7 Ride Danny Ride
  • 8 Bloodtide
  • 9 Hellstreet
  • 10 Down in the Swamp
  • 11 Nekromantic Baby
  • 12 Busse Brødre
  • 13 Electric Chair