Big Man With a Gun Lyrics - Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral cover art
publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: Trent Reznor
release date: 1994-3-8
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Industrial/Downtempo/Experimental
length: 1:37
producer: Trent Reznor
performer: Trent Reznor
mixer: Sean Beavan and Bill Kennedy
arranger: Trent Reznor
additional guitar: Danny Lohner
other instruments programming: Tommy Lee
composer: Trent Reznor
lyricist: Trent Reznor
I am a big man
(yes I am)
And I have a big gun
Got me a big old **** and I
I like to have fun
Held against your forehead
I'll make you suck it
Maybe I'll put a hole in your head
You know just for the **** of it
I can reduce you if I want
I can devour
I'm hard as ****ing steel and I've got the power
I'm every inch a man and I'll show you somehow
Me and my ****ing gun
Nothing can stop me now
Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
I'm going to come all over you
Me and my ****ing gun
Me and my ****ing gun

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