Non Phixion - Doo Wop Freestyle Lyrics

Non Phixion The Green CD/DVD cover art
release date: 2004-4-6
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genres: Hip Hop
length: 1:47

[Verse One]
I got the, double-barreled microphone in my grips
And let alone chips, fallin down steps and breakin hips
We on some MC shit, we battle to the death
Ask KRS, how many suckers he dissed just to get respect
That's what it's all about, fuck the money
We snatchin thousand dollar chains offa throats, still dressin bummy
Whether you're intellectual or a fuckin dummy
We comin through, ain't nuttin sweet and ain't nuttin funny
My mindframe's like jumpin backwards out of planes
Fuck the fame, I'd rather keep a level head within this deadly game
Twistin the bliss on hot Non Phixion cataclysm
Shattered your vision like a gat blastin at your children
[Verse Two]
I had evil thoughts from ancient pain
They stabbed me, put a chip in my brain, and told me to pray
So I don't think the same
My body sings of extensions alien
The mic's my only weapon
Walkin the streets with sick Israelians
Abundant, a one-time Democratic consultant
Public housin gone and obvious strains of Satan's comin
Camou' and leaves, don't breathe, one in my head
I took a look around and smelled the defecation in red
Harry gorilla Hebrew DeLouise stee', runnin in fatso
Bloody vasco', hard to earn like Donnie Brasco
You brothers heard me, walkin on eggs like Bruno Kirby
Shittin on Feds, fine germ me on how they livin with scurvy
None of you rappers worthy, buried in crooks, I bury books
Apocalyptic Doo Wop when Non Phixion hit you with jooks
[Verse Three]
Doo Wop, tape master, massive attack
Counteract, set the door, be free to strike the playback
Non Phixion, five times mad, planet Uranus
Nameless MC can suck a dick to make him famous
Truth lies within the eyes of one spirited thought
Reach seven speeches of the thesis done by Melachi York
Our crucial day and time, beware the thin ice and short lines
Plus the trendy who be usin revolution in they rhymes
Phony bastards! Make me fuckin SICK with all that shit!
If you really for the cause, then meditate through conflict
And if you not, then you not, FUCK YOU, but keep it true
And if you are, then you'd help to free Mumia Abu!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Existence
  • 3 Farragut Road
  • 4 We All Bleed
  • 5 Eclipse Promo
  • 6 Info Junkies
  • 7 Caught Between Worlds
  • 8 89.9 Freestyle
  • 9 Make It Happen
  • 10 The Freshfest
  • 11 Illuminati
  • 12 Big Don Vincenzo
  • 13 Area 51
  • 14 89.9 Freestyle 2
  • 15 Criminal
  • 16 Doo Wop Freestyle
  • 17 89.9 Promo
  • 18 Implantable Transponders
  • 19 The Full Monty
  • 20 Skum
  • 21 Toothache
  • 22 Food
  • 23 Hot 97.1 Freestyle
  • 24 Don't Get Beside Yourself
  • 25 Refuse to Lose
  • 26 [silence]
  • 43 [unknown]
    DVD 2
  • 1 The C.I.A. Is Trying to Kill Me (live)
  • 2 Who We Are
  • 3 Futurama (live)
  • 4 Our Style
  • 5 Skum (live)
  • 6 Gore Story
  • 7 Medley (live)
  • 8 Porn
  • 9 Argument
  • 10 Live at Splash Festival
  • 11 Cousin Steve
  • 12 Road Again
  • 13 Label Drama
  • 14 Rock Stars (music video)
  • 15 Uncle Howie
  • 16 Clean Sneaks
  • 17 Fast Food
  • 18 It's Us (live)
  • 19 Where We Grew Up
  • 20 Eclipse's Records
  • 21 City Kids
  • 22 Live at Union Square
  • 23 Black Helicopters (live)
  • 24 State of Hip Hop
  • 25 Sound Check
  • 26 Farts
  • 27 Who Inspired You
  • 28 14 Years of Rap
  • 29 Our Peoples
  • 30 They Got... (live)
  • 31 Before Non Phixion
  • 32 Suicide Bomb (live)
  • 33 Amsterdam
  • 34 If You Got Love (live)
  • 35 Outro

  • Album Information
    label: Uncle Howie Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 882597701627
    script: Latin