Who Sang 4 Broken Hearts? Norah Jones

Norah Jones …Little Broken Hearts cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Brian Burton, Norah Jones
release date: 2012-4-25
length: 2:59
producer: Danger Mouse
vocal: Norah Jones
mixer: Kennie Takahashi
recording engineer: Todd Monfalcone and Kennie Takahashi
acoustic guitar & electric guitar: Blake Mills
strings arranger: Brian Burton
bass guitar & electric guitar: Gus Seyffert
creative direction: Gordon H Jee
drums (drum set) & percussion: Joey Waronker
electric guitar & drums (drum set): Brian Burton
assistant engineer: Valente Torrez and Masahiro Tsuzuki
artist & repertoire support: Ronette Bowie, Eli Wolf and Liz Isik
piano & Rhodes piano & electric guitar: Norah Jones
composer: Brian Burton, Norah Jones
Ooh, ooh ooh

People can't be hand-made
But he keeps slaving away
At a stone that's too hard to break
A girl who's too lost to save

So you tried to replace me
But you didn't get far
And I tried to repay you
But I only got scarred

Ooh, ooh ooh

She'll be breaking your fall
And I'll be building new walls
But this time I'll have to make sure
To add a window for you to come back

And we tried to be faithful
But didn't get far
Now all we'll be left with is four broken hearts
I tried to erase you
But didn't get get far enough away from you
Because you still can break my heart

Ooh, ooh ooh
Ooh, ooh ooh
Ooh, ooh ooh

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