Who Sang Be Here to Love Me? Norah Jones

Norah Jones Feels Like Home cover art
writers: Van Zandt
release date: 2004-2-10
genres: Jazz Folk, World, & Country
styles: Vocal/Ballad/Contemporary Jazz
length: 3:29
producer: Arif Mardin and Norah Jones
mixer: Jay Newland
recording engineer: Jay Newland
creative direction: Gordon H Jee
assistant engineer: Matthew Cullen, Dick Kondas, Steve Mazur and Aya Takemura
artist & repertoire support: Chris Cofoni and Eli Wolf
piano: Norah Jones
drums (drum set): Andrew Borger
electric guitar: Adam Levy
acoustic guitar: Kevin Breit
accordion: Garth Hudson
background vocals: Adam Levy, Kevin Breit and Daru Oda
double bass: Lee Alexander
lead vocals: Norah Jones
composer: Townes Van Zandt
lyricist: Townes Van Zandt
dedication: Debbie Alexander, Joyce Breit, Oklahoma Gertsen, George Wyle
Your eyes seek conclusion
In all this confusion of mine
Though you and I both know
It's only the warm glow of wine
That's got you to feeling this way,
But I don't care,
I want you to stay
And hold me and tell me
You'll be here to love me today

Children are dancin',
The gamblers are chancin' their all
The window's accusing
The door of abusing the wall
But who cares
What the night watchmen say
The stage has been set for the play
Hold me and tell me
You'll be here to love me today

The moon's come and gone
But a few stars hang on on to the sky
The wind's runnin' free
But it ain't up to me ask why
The poets are demanding their pay
They've left me with nothin' to say
'cept hold me and tell me
You'll be here to love me today
Just hold me and tell me that
You'll be here to love me today

Copy Control CD 1
  • 1 Sunrise
  • 2 What Am I to You?
  • 3 Those Sweet Words
  • 4 Carnival Town
  • 5 In the Morning
  • 6 Be Here to Love Me
  • 7 Creepin’ In
  • 8 Toes
  • 9 Humble Me
  • 10 Above Ground
  • 11 The Long Way Home
  • 12 The Prettiest Thing
  • 13 Don’t Miss You at All