Light as a Feather Lyrics - Norah Jones

Norah Jones The Fall cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Ryan Adams, Norah Jones
release date: 2009-11-11
genres: Jazz Blues Pop
styles: Country Blues/Pop Rock
length: 3:52
producer: Jacquire King
membranophone: Pete McNeal
vocal: Norah Jones
mixer: Jacquire King
recording engineer: Jacquire King
additional producer: Tom Schick
bass: Dave Wilder
additional engineer: Tom Schick
acoustic guitar: Sasha Dobson
additional recording engineer: Brad Bivens
synthesizer: Zac Rae and John Kirby
electric guitar & acoustic guitar: Norah Jones
frame drum: Will Sayles
creative direction: Gordon H Jee
assistant mixer: Jon Stinson
artist & repertoire support: Eli Wolf and Ronette Bowie
assistant recording engineer: Brian Thorn and Morgan Stratton
writer: Norah Jones, Ryan Adams
While love seasons will undo your soul
Time forgives us and it takes control
We separate our things to put us back together

We're light as a feather
Heavy as the weather
If it was rainstorms

Put our hands together to plough obey
It's like a show was over
But we're too scared to walk away
All for the better
Worst for the way

We're light as a feather
Got you and I together

Meanwhile inside of me it was rainin' storms, hm,
You didn't know, hm
God bless your soul

We're light as a feather
Heavy as the weather
We're light as a feather
Got you and I together

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