Who Sang Respect Tha Drop? O.C.

O.C. Bon Appetit cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Anthony Best, Omar Gerryl Credle
release date: 2001-10-21
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
Blood pulsatin, adrenaline flowin
Full moon at night, on the stoop gettin right
I'll never forget the day before
Son told me to tuck my ice in cause *****z was triflin
We did what he said but the habit in me
was to show it off, I still let my chain swang free
Not really thinkin 'bout a set up, or even gettin wet up
that summer night from such advice
So I proceed to parlay, like I do in BK
But this wasn't home, and *****z shoulda known
to stay on point, *****z shoulda been on point
And the price paid was lookin down the barrel of a joint
We was dead meat, and them *****z was wolves
But they didn't want our flesh, dem *****z wanted the jewels
It happened so quick, no time to get afraid
First instinct was to run like a slave
Me and Schoolly Boy was boxed in
My man Hugh's a few feet away, with a pound at his face
I looked, son in his eyes cause I know how he is
While the other ****** ***** had the gun in my ribs
I thought - ****, **** 'bout to get buckwild
Popped off my chain, threw it with a Coke and a smile
Thinkin leave already, but them *****z wasn't done
They went in our pockets for change, numbers and bubblegum
Now - how low can a lowlife get, askin what size are my kicks?
Like I'ma say 8 and ****
To myself I was sayin I'ma MURDER this kid
But thank the Lord they didn't peel back my wig
The jux wasn't longer than a minute to Mush
Then them *****z tried to tell us, do the Carl Lewis
No backshots buddy, I began to walk backwards
And bust my ***, it all happened so fast
He thought I was shot, starin at me in shock
Turned around, them *****z was gone, vanished up the block
There was no escapin what not
With toasters in your face, maintain and respect the drop
Word up
You hear that?

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  • Album Information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin