O.A.R. - What is Mine Lyrics

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Iron winter, got me cold
Convicted like a criminal
Sharp and nimble, the wind unfold
Got me to my feet again
Past the mountain I hear a cry
Coming from the pinnacle
Oh, In the distance a city shines
Oh, what a welcoming

Been to the black rock
Found my salvation
Rendered me patient
But wearing me thin
So I'm

On the way back home
Seen the big show, thousand times
Got to get back what is mine
The only way I know
Feet been walking, thousand miles
Got to get back what is mine

Bless the evening, it's showed the way
Back to where it all began
Oh, undercover I made my case
I'm quietly a gentleman
Man, To be a fool is such a waste
He'll eat until he's sick of it
Why not stop when you find your place
And be happy that you made it in



What is mine
Fallen time


On the way back home
I'm on my way
You know I'm on my way back
The only way I know

Getting what is mine
Gonna get it back, give it back now
I've come so far tonight

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 This Town
  • 2 Shattered
  • 3 Whatever Happened
  • 4 Try Me
  • 5 One Day
  • 6 Living in the End
  • 7 Something Come Over
  • 8 What is Mine
  • 9 Dinner Last Night
  • 10 The Fallout
  • 11 Gift
  • 12 War Song
  • 13 On My Way