O.L.D. - Total Hag Lyrics

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Look at the total hag reaming an
even older can of catfood...
Hear the flies buzzing through her
bodily openings, bringing with them
the coolest diseases...
Sometimes these flies get caught in the
cobwebs that are draped across her armpits...


Look and see her age-spots and her
vericous veins...
Just taste the frozen green icicle
hanging off her nostril...
Hear the wheezing cough filling up
the air projecting her diseases...
I've had enough of this...

fellas let's go torment the total hag
Hunchback Turkeyneck Prune-tit Sag...
Let's pay A visit To the Total hag...
Garbage can Catfood Newspaper Bag...
Come on Let's go Let's go The total hag...
the total hag smells like mothballs

I like to scare the prune-tit scag
Drop a match in her shopping bag
Kick her in her Rickets, push her in the road
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I laugh at the total hag...

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Total Hag
  • 2 Corpse Full of Gunk
  • 3 Supermarket Monstrosity
  • 4 Lepers Without Feet
  • 5 Tracheotomy Peashooter
  • 6 Wisdom Lost
  • 7 Cocaine
  • 8 Die in Your Beauty Sleep
  • 9 Special Olympics
  • 10 I Laugh as I Chew
  • 11 Colostomy Grab-Bag
  • 12 Feeding the Worms
  • 13 Old Ladies Always Break Their Hips
  • 14 Bathrooms Rule
  • 15 Screaming Geezer

  • Album Information
    label: Earache Records
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin