Who Sang Fix You? The Offspring

The Offspring Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace cover art
release date: 2008-6-11
length: 4:19
producer: Bob Rock
mixer: Bob Rock
engineer: Bob Rock and Eric Helmkamp
composer: Dexter Holland
lyricist: Dexter Holland
She wakes up
Rage and grace
Pulling me closer, pushing away
And me
The sharpest thorn on your vine
Twisting and turning
We're all intertwined

Broken wing
Empty glass
Words that scream and bounce right back
She says, you know
We'd all like to rearrange

I wish I could fix you
And make you how I want you
I wish I could fix you
And I wish you could fix me

I wish I could heal you
And mend where you are broken
I wish I could heal you
And I wish you could heal me

Ha la la la

A beaming sunrise buries the night
The setting sun destroys the light
Then she says, baby, I've gotta get going
Cutting each other
Without even knowing

She sees a million stars like holes in the sky
All God's tears for her they cry
And I am in her rain

CD 1
  • 1 Half‐Truism
  • 2 Trust in You
  • 3 You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
  • 4 Hammerhead
  • 5 A Lot Like Me
  • 6 Takes Me Nowhere
  • 7 Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
  • 8 Nothingtown
  • 9 Stuff Is Messed Up
  • 10 Fix You
  • 11 Let’s Hear It for Rock Bottom
  • 12 Rise and Fall
  • 13 O.C. Life
    DVD-Video 2
  • 1 Hamerhead (tour performance)
  • 2 Recording in Maui
  • 3 Americana (1999 home video)