Who Sang Perseverance? Opio

Opio Triangulation Station cover art
release date: 2005-2-22
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 3:52

High up..
[Chorus: Opio pausing between words and syllables]
They - want - to - fuck - my - high - up
Like - when - the - thugs - get - violent
I per-se-ver but - I - get
Fru-stra-ted and - lose - my - cool - some-times
They - want - to - fuck - my - high - up
Man this bitch - just - won't - be - quiet
I per-se-ver but - I - get
Fru-stra-ted and - lose - my - cool - some-times
These jerks I see, irkin me, Hercules, musclehead
Niggaz at the front, of the club, askin for dub
I'm like man, show me love, let me in you know I'm
S.O.M., the rest of them, rappers don't be makin money
for yo' club, but I do
You should re-spect game but see you flashin
Fools in the back, will, just, smash in
Unexpectedly, bet you see
Twenty niggaz comin to the bar
Mashin on, all the Cristal
bottles and the gin, and the Hennessy
And it's in your best interests we
just, get up in this motherfucker clean
And there won't be a scene, plea lettin off steam
for the hell of it for future development
Your club and establishment will be, under new management
I see you adamant but that ain't shit
Fuck a guest list, get this dick in your mouth
"The people inside wouldn't leave, and the line outside started
pressing in, and that's when they all began grabbing stuff off the shelves!
[crash] Oh no, there goes the window."
I - get
Fru-stra-ted and - lose - my - cool - some-times
Sometimes, sometimes..
When I'm in the streets, then I'm duckin police
And it's not cause I'm sellin heroin in the East
It's the beast, got the bow and arrow pointed at me
Like they tryin to shoot a sparrow but I'm more like an E
-A-G-to-the-L-E, fuckin with me
Cause I'm ridin in a new SUV, I'm like SEE?!
I wish I had a good day like Ice Cube
Cats say I'm a nice dude, what'd I do?
That's the shit I shouldn't contemplate
I should just stomp his face; in with the steel-toe boot and then scoot
I feel like America's Most
for the perilous flows; that I share with the hoes and my bros
Everywhere I go, they fuckin up my T-H-C
And I wonder why they P.H. me
I must appear eight feet to these dwarves and midgets
You think I give a fuck who make more digits?
People get robbed, no matter who you hobnob with
Niggaz playin hopscotch with your snotbox
All the cockblockin and jive talkin
Got you in the position where you hear the fire poppin
[police radio "all units" and random chatter]
[Chorus 1/2]
[New Chorus]
They - try - to - fuck - my - high - up
Man tell this stupid bitch - be - quiet
I per-se-ver but - I - get
Fru-stra-ted and - lose - my - cool - some-times
Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes..

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