OutKast - Flim Flam (interlude) Lyrics

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Ey ey ey, watsup man I
I got these gold chains
Fourteen K, eighty dollars
Got, ey, 'fore you say anything
I got 'em off these white folks
In Buck Heaton, fourteen K

Man naw I don't need no chains man
I no need naw, I'm I'm straight
Naw check them eighty dollars worth
Fourteen karat gold
Is what I'm trying to tell ya now
Look now look, check it out

Man what *****
You tryin' to play me some fool or somethin'?
Some **** I really don't need
I said fourteen motha****in' K
White folks in bank hittin' Buck Heaton man
Go on man, go on, go on *****

That's a motha****in' pimp, ***** what's up?
Man, holla at a ***** man, eighty dollars
For this fourteen karat gold chain man what it is
No man I ain't got it
I'll give you a sack, *****, what's up with that
I'll give you a ****in' sack

A sack? ***** say beens
I want greens, bills, divideens
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout
Recognize eighty dollar, fourteen K
Man, get the hell on *****

Alright, alright well just give me
Hold on man, don't give me a sack man
I go, I'll did go sell it to a ***** 'bout 20 dollars then

Track Listing
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  • 11 Flim Flam (interlude)
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  • 15 Hootie Hoo
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