Catch Me While I'm Sleeping Lyrics - P!nk

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publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Alecia Moore, Linda Perry
release date: 2003-11-10
length: 5:03
producer: Linda Perry
membranophone: Dorian Crozier
lead vocals: P!nk
mixer: John Fields
engineer: Dave Guerrero, John Fields and Steven Miller
additional producer: John Fields
guitar family: Eric Schermerhorn
programming: John Fields
guitar & mellotron: Linda Perry
assistant engineer: Pat Dammer and Jay Goin
keyboard & synthesizer: Matt Mahaffey
vocoder & guitar family & bass & percussion & sitar & keyboard: John Fields
lyricist: Linda Perry, P!nk
composer: Linda Perry, P!nk
How many times have set the rules for me
And how many times have you told me you were leavin'
I'm not trying to listen
Cause it's all the same
And why
Why are you constantly believin'
That I could give you what you need and
Baby, baby please don't put your faith in me
I don't know what to say 'cause it's all in a dream to me anyway

You can catch me while I'm sleeping
While I'm dreamin' too
Its a lonely lonely lonely place for me baby
It must get lonely for you too

Them people always fallin'
In and out of love and it can be pretty painful too
And baby oh baby I'm just not strong enough
Sad but true so tell me what's the use?


So catch me while I'm sleeping
When I'm dreaming too
So catch me while I'm sleeping

[Chorus: x2]

(catch me while I'm falling)

(it's a lonely lonely lonely lonely place)

(must be lonely for you too)

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