Last to Know Lyrics - P!nk

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publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Alecia Moore, Alecia B Moore, Tim Armstrong, Timothy Armstrong
release date: 2003-11-10
length: 4:04
producer: Tim Armstrong
lead vocals: P!nk
mixer: Tom Lord‐Alge
engineer: Dave Carlock and Tim Armstrong
additional engineer: Atticus Ross
assistant engineer: Fredrik Sarhagen, John Silas Cranfield, Tony Cooper and Fermio Hernandez
bass programming & membranophone programming: Dave Carlock
sampler & guitar family & keyboard & acoustic bass guitar: Tim Armstrong
lyricist: P!nk, Tim Armstrong
composer: Tim Armstrong, P!nk
Why was I the last to know that you
Weren't coming to my show you could of
Called me up to say "good luck"
You could of called me back you stupid ****
Why was I the last to know?

First date, we ate sushi and
It went well, I was funny and
You said I was a cutie
That's the last thing I heard from you
I left tickets at the door for you
I had to tell my mom that there was
No more room
You didn't show, that was so uncool
You could of called me back

So I guess this means that we're
Not friends anymore, I heard
It's me you're askin' for, I thought
I'd see you at the show
You said you'd go


After the date, I wouldn't go
Home with you
I wouldn't put my heels in the
Air for you
You tried to get me to do things
I just won't do
Last I heard from you
Here is how I guess the story goes
You would of came if I was a ho
**** for parts that's just not how
I roll, move it on down the road

So I guess, we, shouldn't be
Friends anymore, sick of hearin'
That it's me you're asking for
Cause I thought I'd see you at the
Show, you said you'd go!


You thought you know me
I guess you don't
You thought you had me
I think you didn't
You thought you knew me
But you didn't


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