Paddy Casey - Promised Land Lyrics

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I'm sure not feelin' tough
Sure not feeling tall
Sure that you are not feeling me at all
You know I could be right sure that I'm not wrong
But I'm sure that time was meant for more than just getting along
So let's not just get along
Let's get along in style
'Cause you know I'm pretty sure this is more worthwhile
So I think it's time we gave this thing the hard sell
'Cause love was meant to live
And not merely just to dwell
No just to dwell

So tonight I want to be that line
The one that I just sold out
Tonight I want to be that story
The one that I just told you
Let's take it to the land of fantasy
Where all things are real
Where the enemy's not a ghost
But one you can touch and feel
And the chains they are not mental
But their only made of steel
And the magic's elemental and the right words can heal
Let's become that dignity
Become that grace
It's time to light your candles in a dark and lonely place

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Living
  • 2 The Lucky One
  • 3 Saints and Sinners
  • 4 Bend Down Low
  • 5 Want It Can't Have It
  • 6 Don't Need Anyone
  • 7 Promised Land
  • 8 All in a Day
  • 9 Stumble
  • 10 Anyone That's Yet to Come
  • 11 Miracle
  • 12 Self Servin' Society
    CD 2
  • 1 Don't Need Anyone (demo)
  • 2 Shine
  • 3 The Whole of the Moon (live w/ The Frames)
  • 4 Fear (radio Promo)
  • 5 The Lucky One (demo)
  • 6 Bend Down Low (live)
  • 7 Reach Out
  • 8 Can't Wait (demo)
  • 9 Family Tree (radio Promo)