Who Sang Misguided Ghosts? Paramore

Paramore brand new eyes cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Hayley Williams, Hayley Nichole Williams, Josh Farro, Joshua Neil Farro, Taylor York, Taylor Benjamin York
release date: 2009-9-25
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Alternative Rock/Acoustic/Pop Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:02
I'm going away for a while
But I'll be back, don't try and follow me
Cause I'll return as soon as possible
See I'm trying to find my place
But it might not be here where I feel safe
We all learn to make mistakes

And run
From them, from them
With no direction
We'll run from them, from them
With no conviction

Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Traveling endlessly
Don't need no roads
In fact they follow me

And we just go in circles

Well now I'm told that this is life
And pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it
Would someone care to classify,
Our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on

And run
To them, to them
Full speed ahead
Oh you are not, useless
We are just

Misguided ghosts
Traveling endlessly
The ones we trusted the most
Pushed us far away
And there's no one road
And we should not be the same
But I'm just a ghost
And still they echo me

They echo me in circles

CD 1
  • 1 Careful
  • 2 Ignorance
  • 3 Playing God
  • 4 Brick by Boring Brick
  • 5 Turn It Off
  • 6 The Only Exception
  • 7 Feeling Sorry
  • 8 Looking Up
  • 9 Where the Lines Overlap
  • 10 Misguided Ghosts
  • 11 All I Wanted
  • 12 Ignorance (acoustic)
  • 13 Where the Lines Overlap (acoustic)