Cross Over the Bridge Lyrics - Patti Page

publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Peermusic Publishing
writers: Bennie Benjamin, George David Weiss
release date: 1957
genres: Pop
styles: Ballad/Vocal
If you're a guy that's had a gal in each and every port
And you've forgot the rules of love that life has always taught
And if you broke as many hearts as ripples in a stream
Well, brother, here's the only way that you can be redeemed

Cross over the bridge, cross over the bridge
Change your reckless way o'livin', cross over the bridge
Leave you fickle past behind you and true romance will find you
Brother, cross over the bridge

If you have built a boat to take you to the greener side
And if that boat is built of ev'ry lie you ever lied
You'll never reach the Promised Land of love, I guarantee
Cause lies cannot hold water and you'll sink into the sea


I know it isn't easy to resist temptation's call
But think of how your broken heart will hurt you when you fall
Cause some day you will find that you are hopelessly in love
And she'll belong to someone else as sure as stars above


Cross over the bridge
Cross over the bridge
Cross over the bridge

Cross over the bridge

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