Only Love Remains Lyrics - Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Press to Play cover art
publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: Paul Mccartney
release date: 1986-8-22
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Pop Rock
length: 4:17
producer: Paul McCartney and Hugh Padgham
mixer: Hugh Padgham
engineer: Hugh Padgham
orchestrator: Tony Visconti
drums (drum set): Graham Ward
background vocals: Eric Stewart, Ruby James, Kate Robbins and Linda McCartney
tambourine: Ray Cooper
background vocals & lead vocals: Paul McCartney
acoustic guitar: Eric Stewart
bass synthesizer: Simon Chamberlain
classical guitar: Paul McCartney
marimba: Ray Cooper
piano: Paul McCartney
shakers: Ray Cooper
synthesizer: Paul McCartney
violin: John Pearce
composer: Paul McCartney
lyricist: Paul McCartney
And if you take your love away from me,
I’m only going to want it back.
I’ll probably pretend I didn’t see,
But knowing me, I’ll want you back again, and again
’til the word has lost it’s meaning,
And love is all that stays. only love remains.

If you should ever feel that something’s wrong,
I’m going to want to put it right,
To bring a happy ending to our song,
I’ll carry on believing in a love.
If your love was to trickle through my fingers,
What would it leave me with?
Only love remains. only love...

Old enough and strong enough to stretcch across the world.
Taking the sand inside an oyster, changing it into a pearl.
Making another magig transformation,
Find the right boy for the right girl.

When all our friends have gone away and we’re alone,
There’s nothing left to show about,
Together we’ll explore the great unknown.
I’d say we won’t be going out tonight,
Let tonight be the one that we remember,
When love is all that stays,
Only love remains... only love remains...

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