Here Today Lyrics - Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Tug of War cover art
publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: Paul Mccartney
release date: 1982-4-16
genres: Rock Funk / Soul Pop
styles: Soft Rock/Pop Rock/Disco
length: 2:29
producer: George Martin
arranger: George Martin and Paul McCartney
lead vocals: Paul McCartney
guitar: Paul McCartney
violin: Laurie Lewis, Michael Rennie, Patrick Halling, Jack Rothstein, Bernard Partridge, Alan Peters and Galina Solodchin
viola: Ian Jewel, George Turnland, John Underwood and Ken Essex
cello: Keith Harvey, Bobby Kok, Denis Vigay and Peter Willison
recording engineer: Jon Kelly
assistant recording engineer: Renate Blauel
mixer: Jon Kelly
composer: Paul McCartney
lyricist: Paul McCartney
And if I say,
I really knew you well what would your answer be?
If you were here today

Ooh- ooh- ooh, here to-day.

Well knowing you,
You'd probably laugh and say that we were world's apart.
If you were here today

Ooh- ooh- ooh, here to-day.

But as for me,
I still remember how it was before,
And I am holding back these tears no more

Ooh- ooh ooh, I love you, ooh.

What about the time we met?
Well, I suppose that you could say that we were playing hard to get.
Didn't understand a thing,
But we could always sing.

What about the night we cried,
Because there was no reasons left to keep it all inside?
Didn't understood a word,
But you were always there - with a smile.

And if I say,
I really loved you and was glad you came along.
If you were here today.

Ooh- ooh- ooh, for you were in my song.

Ooh- ooh- ooh, here to-day.

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