Who Sang Hard to Be Soft? Paula Cole

Paula Cole Courage cover art
writers: Dean Parks, Mark Goldenberg, Paula Cole
release date: 2007-6-12
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Alternative Rock
length: 4:54
vocal: Paula Cole
Where's my white knight
My prince to save the day?
I've always paved my own way
I'm all alone
Bringing home the bread
Raising the kid, fixing the bed

I wanna be a star, Like Marilyn Monroe
A Cinderella fantasy, a naive Clara Bow
A princess and the pea, I try to play the part
Surrounded by society, hypnotizing me
It's hard to be soft

I'm all alone
Keeping the home alive
Making the meals
She's 9 to 5
I'm the only one
At the mommy and me
Looking for some company


Out there on my own
Successful in the world
It works to be so strong
But when I come home
My pendulum's outta control
I'm passive or I let my fire blow
In a man's world it's hard to be soft

I don't want to be a star
Like Marilyn Monroe
A Cinderella fantasy
A naive Clara Bow
A princess and the pea
I try to play the part
Surrounded by society
Hypnotizing me to be
Home-baked apple pie
A centerfold in heels
A Betty Crocker Pamela
Complacent to believe
In my Mr. Right
A pipe and slippers guy
A ready, steady, rock-hard Eddy
Oops not always, guess it's only
Hard to be soft

CD 1
  • 1 Comin’ Down
  • 2 Lovelight
  • 3 El Greco
  • 4 Lonelytown
  • 5 14
  • 6 Hard to Be Soft
  • 7 It’s My Life
  • 8 Safe in Your Arms
  • 9 I Wanna Kiss You
  • 10 In Our Dreams
  • 11 Until I Met You