Pazuzu - Incantation of the Firegod 歌詞

The light cries out in pain.
Eternal flame is now extinguished.
Satan rules again.
The joy in the hands of eternal winter.
Like water drowning in snow.
12 disciples gather slowly around the throne of stone whence he came,
master of
the unseen.
I mutter a prayer of hate.
Destroy the creation of god.
Feast upon the blood of mortals.
Turn their blood to wine their soul without a shelter.
Their bones to build a realm

CD 1
  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 And All Was Silent
  • 3 Incantation of the Firegod
  • 4 La Baronesse et le Dèmon
  • 5 Baptism of Infant Flesh
  • 6 The Urilia Abomination
  • 7 The Churning Seas of Absu
  • 8 Beneath the Bowels of the Earth
  • 9 Ask My Dying Soul
  • 10 The Crusades
  • 11 Der Mond ward der Erde neue Sonne
  • 12 Invocation of the Ninib Gate
  • 13 Forgotten Scrolls
  • 14 Epilogue