Phantom Of The Opera - Why So Silent Lyrics

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At the height of the activity a grotesque figure suddenly
appears at the lop of the staircase. Dressed all in
crimson, with a death's head visible inside the hood of
his robe, the PHANTOM has come to the party. With
dreadful wooden steps he descends the stairs and takes the
centre of the stage)
Why so silent, good messieurs?
Did you think that I had left you for good?
Have you missed me, good messieurs?
I have written you an opera!
(He takes from under his robe an enormous bound
Here I bring the finished score -
"Don Juan Triumphant" !
(He throws it to ANDRE)
I advise you
to comply -
my instructions
should be clear -
there are worse things
than a shattered chandelier . . .
(CHRISTlNE, mesmerized, approaches as the
PHANTOM beckons her. He reaches out, grasps the
chain that holds the secret engagement ring, and rips it
from her throat)
Your chains are still mine -
you will sing for me!
(ALL cower in suspense as the music crescendos, until
suddenly, his figure evaporates)
(GIRY is hurrying across. RAOUL appears and calls
after her)
Madame Giry. Madame Giry . . .
Monsieur, don't ask me - I know no more than
anyone else.
(She moves off again. He stops her)
That's not true. You've seen something, haven't
you ?
GIRY (uneasily)
I don't know what I've seen . . . Please don't ask me,
monsieur . . .
RAOUL (desperately)
Madame, for all our sakes . . .
GIRY (She has glanced nervously about her and
suddenly deciding to trust him, cuts in):
Very well. It was years ago. There was a travelling
fair in the city. Tumblers, conjurors, human
oddities . . .
Go on . . .
GIRY (trance-like, as she retraces the past)
And there was . . . I shall never forget him: a man . .
Iocked in a cage . . .
In a cage . . ?
A prodigy, monsieur! Scholar, architect, musician .
RAOUL (piecing together the jigsaw)
A composer . . .
And an inventor too, monsieur. They boasted he
had once built for the Shah of Persia, a maze of
mirrors . . .
RAOUL (mystified and impatient, cuts in)
Who was this man . . .?
GIRY (with a shudder)
A freak of nature . . .
more monster
than man . . .
RAOUL (a murmur)
Deformed . . .?
From birth, it seemed . . .
My God . . .
And then . . . he went missing. He escaped.
Go on.
They never found him
it was said he
had died . . .
RAOUL (darkly)
But he didn't die, did he?
The world forgot him,
but I never can . . .
For in this darkness
I have seen him again . . .
And so our
Phantom's this man . . .
GIRY (starts from her daze and turns to go)
I have said too much, monsieur.
(She moves off into the surrounding blackness)
And there have been too many accidents . . .
RAOUL (ironical)
Too many . . .
(And, before he can question her further, she has
RAOUL (running after her)
Madame Giry . .