Who Sang Questions? Plankeye

release date: 1995-3-10
length: 5:59
All I know, all I have is what's been given to me
What I know is real is all I can dream
I feel my heart is changing
The one and only thing I know is "we aint going nowhere"
Be it sometimes I might, yeah, I put up a fight
Gotta get this off my chest tonight
All my thoughts are rearranging
And what I really want to know is "are we going nowhere?"
All eyes peer, looking from the outside
You don't understand what you see in me
I come running out on your playground
Sometimes things are the way they're meant to be
You stare at me and all these things are coming down
I'm not sure and you're giving me the run around
Could it be that you don't know me?
It's all in the way that you shun me
(Sometimes things are the way they're meant to be out on your playground)

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